What are my options for teeth whitening/bleaching?

Over-the-counter products:

Whitening toothpastes will only do so much.

Most products you can buy in the supermarkets are not particularly effective. Whitening toothpastes (including charcoal based toothpastes) are very coarse, so they can have some effect in removing outside surface stains. However, they don’t contain a “bleaching” product to change the actual colour of the teeth, and this coarseness can cause damage to your teeth if used long term.

Any dental “bleaching” products bought over the counter, like strips or gels, are much weaker strength than what your dentist can provide, but may have a modest effect – just don’t expect a big change.

If you want to see a difference, your teeth probably need professional whitening.


We offer 2 main options:

  • a take home kit, which gradually whitens your teeth over about 2 weeks, and can be reused as required. This includes customised trays to perfectly fit your teeth.
  • a more “instant” option, which utilises a “Zoom” laser light over 3 x 20 minute sessions in the chair over a single appointment. We also provide you with a take home kit to “top up” as required.

Both are effective, but there are some advantages of one over the other. Your dentist or hygienist can guide you further.


How much does teeth whitening cost?