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Basically a normal healthy diet is great for braces patients, although softer foods may be necessary for a couple of days. It is howver sensible to use common sense and cut up apples, carrots, celery and other healthy foods.

Of course, chewing ice, or lollies, whether hard or sticky/chewy WILL damage the braces. Also….

Beware Packaged foods with flour and sugar content only eat occasionally due to high sugar content and poor nutritional value.

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Beware Acidic drinks … Soft drinks, Sports drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices.  Their low pH (see below) means they can dissolve enamel and frequent consumption can lead to creating white demineralised scars around the braces that will never go away.

pH is a measure of the acidity of substances.  The normal pH of saliva is about 7.  When the pH goes below 5.5 teeth begin to dissolve.  The pH of some common liquids are;

  • Car battery acid …..2
  • Black cola soft drink… can drop to 2.5
  • common soft drink….2.7 to 3.5
  • Sports energy drinks…3 to 4
  • Apple Juice……3.4
  • Orange Juice….3.5
  • Tap water….6.0
  • Milk…..6.9

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