Dr Aninda Dey.

Hi! I’m Aninda and I qualified as a dentist in 1995. I loved every aspect of general dentistry once I started working as a general dentist but wanted to learn more about straightening crowded and protruding teeth, so I moved to Europe for several years to study a Masters degree in Orthodontics in 2000.

I have since then worked in four countries before finally calling the Sunshine Coast home, where I practice most aspects of general dentistry.


In these 20+ years, I have worked in both public and private setups and love my work and am as excited about it every morning as I was on the first day I walked into the dental school. I invest a lot of time and effort to attend seminars and update courses to keep me abreast with the latest in the field of dentistry. This allows me to provide the very best possible treatment to my patients.


I love working in Kawana Dental because of the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere of the place and at the same time because of the ethical and honest treatment that we provide. I love doing all forms of dentistry in a kind and compassionate manner to all those patients who dread going to see the dentist.


Outside work I love to catch up with friends and family whenever possible. I love to find out about cultures and foods of other countries and like to travel to immerse myself in the local culture wherever I may be. I speak 4 languages quite fluently and at the moment am planning to restart my quest to learn Spanish language to one day visit South America.