Our story.

37 years on the Coast must mean you’re doing something right…

Kawana Dental was started in 1987 on the Sunshine Coast by Dr Michael Maltby.

Not your typical dentist, he soon became known not only for his down to earth approach and gentle demeanour, but also his long hair and tendency to disappear into the ocean at lunch.


As Kawana and the Sunshine Coast grew, so did the practice, and Michael hand-picked more dentists with a similar outlook as him – ethical, caring, gentle, real people – to help deliver the kind of care that people look for.


More than 30 years on, Kawana Dental still runs on this same platform – to look after people. In an era of corporatised dentistry run by multinational organisations, Kawana Dental remains a family owned and run practice committed to doing the best for people and their families, rather than focusing on the bottom line. There are no CEOs here, no shareholders, or board meetings.


With both Michael’s son, Dr Mark Maltby and daughter Georgia Maltby at the helm, along with long time practice associate Dr Tamara Warren, we are a true family business, and we aim to treat our patients like part of that family.


Our practice has a strong focus on the prevention of disease, to help you avoid unnecessary and costly treatment, and we strive for gentle treatment in a comfortable setting.

We take any fears or concerns about visiting the dentist seriously, so please let us know if you’re feeling a little nervous!


Our team (of 10 general dentists, 3 dental hygienists, a dental therapist, and the best support team around), are highly skilled and between us cover all aspects of dentistry including implants, orthodontics, and children’s dentistry. We also have excellent relationships with local medical and dental specialists if required.


We’d love to get to know you.




The Kawana Dental team

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