Sedation & sleep dentistry.

Kawana Dental has a range of techniques for nervous patients, some of which come under Medicare.

A little nervous?

We prefer to build a trusting relationship over the use of drugs, but occasionally past dental experiences have created deep seated anxieties that need to be addressed.


Sometimes a little help is required to help overcome these anxieties… at least until patients find out that our treatment is not as scary as they imagined!


For our phobic (or initially nervous) patients, we have a few choices….

Laughing gas/nitrous oxide sedation.

The simplest option at Kawana Dental is ‘laughing/happy gas” or Nitrous oxide sedation.


This can work really well, especially for children if required.

Twilight sleep.

For more complex treatment of adults (or extremely nervous/phobic patients), we can use “Twilight sleep“, a sedation technique utilising a range of IV drugs and a specially trained medical practitioner during treatment in the dental chair.


Patients are very comfortable and lightly conscious. This is most often the preferred choice for impacted wisdom teeth, especially in nervous or phobic patients. This option reduces the post operative side affects and inherent risks and cost of general anaesthetics.


One of Kawana Dental’s advantages with twilight sleep is that our anaesthetist treatment comes under Medicare.


Medicare rebates allow this treatment to be much more affordable.


All options are very successful for the initially “phobic” patient. However, we pride ourselves on turning scared patients into happy ones :-).


Some things to consider which are necessary for twilight sedation:


  • No solid foods 4 hours prior to sedation visit (including, milk)
  • No clear fluids 2 hours prior to sedation visit (including tea, coffee, cordial, water etc.)
  • You need a person/carer to drive you to and from the sedation visit and be with you for NO LESS than 6 hours after while in recovery.
  • You are NOT to drive or operate heavy machinery for 12 hours after sedation.

General anaesthetic.

Occasionally (e.g children with significant work required), a general anaesthetic may be the best option.


We currently carry out GA’s at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital