Sedation & sleep dentistry | Sunshine Coast

Kawana Dental has a range of sedation techniques for nervous patients on the Sunshine Coast and beyond, which will leave you feeling completely at ease to have your dental treatment.

A little nervous?

We prefer to build a trusting relationship over the use of drugs, but also understand that for some, past dental experiences have created deep seated anxieties that can be difficult to overcome, no matter how nice we are!


Sometimes a little help is required to help overcome these anxieties…

“Happy gas” or nitrous oxide sedation.

The simplest option at Kawana Dental is “happy gas” or nitrous oxide sedation.


This can work really well, especially for children, but often for adults as well.


Happy gas usually makes people feel quite relaxed and “zone out” for the appointment. You are still in awake and in control, and can communicate with your dentist, but should feel calm and comfortable. Some people get the giggles, hence it’s name!


We use a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen that is breathed gently in through a small mask that sits on your nose. We can adjust the concentration depending on each patient.


It’s safe, easy to use and recovery is extremely quick, so the effects leave your body quickly when we want it to.

Twilight sleep sedation.

For more complex treatment of adults, wisdom teeth removal (or very nervous/phobic patients), we can use Procedural Sedation (also known as “twilight sedation”), a sedation technique utilising a range of IV drugs and a specially trained medical practitioner during treatment in the dental chair.


Patients are generally very comfortable, and usually have no recollection of the procedure at all. This is most often the preferred choice for impacted wisdom teeth, especially in nervous or phobic patients. This option reduces the post operative side affects and inherent risks and cost of general anaesthetics.


What is Procedural Sedation?

Procedural sedation involves the administration of a medication to induce a state of altered consciousness. During sedation, you will feel “asleep” but your body is actually conscious and will maintain control of its own breathing. You will be able to respond to verbal requests.
Procedural sedation removes awareness of the procedure and also provides an amnesic effect, meaning your recollection of the appointment will be minimal.

This allows dental treatment to be carried out safely with reduced anxiety, stress and discomfort.



Who will provide the sedation?

At Kawana Dental, sedation is delivered by a fully qualified medical procedural sedationist who is supported by our recovery nurse. The sedation team will monitor you constantly throughout your dental treatment and during recovery. It is their sole job to ensure your comfort and safety.



Are there any side effects?

Drowsiness on the day of your appointment is to be expected. For this reason it is important you have a responsible adult to accompany you to the appointment, take you home and monitor you for the rest of the day.
Some people feel cold or slightly nauseous after they wake up. Our sedation nurse will monitor you closely and ensure you are comfortable during this initial recovery period.



What is the difference between General Anaesthesia and Procedural Sedation?

General anaesthetic involves the administration of a medication to induce a state of unconsciousness. This is accompanied by partial or complete loss of protective reflexes including breathing and the ability to respond to verbal commands. As your breathing is aided by a machine, treatment needs to be undertaken in a hospital setting due to increased risks.



Am I suitable for sedation?

Patients need to be reasonably fit and healthy for procedural sedation. Any medical conditions need to be well controlled and your GP or specialist may need to be contacted for further clarification. Patients with poor health or uncontrolled medical conditions are not suitable for sedation in a clinic setting.

General anaesthetic.

Occasionally a general anaesthetic may be the best option.

Sometimes if young children require a significant amount of treatment, or in some other circumstances, we provide treatment under general anaesthetic.

We currently carry out GA’s at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.