Kids Dentistry | Sunshine Coast

At Kawana Dental we go to a huge effort to ensure that Sunshine Coast kids will enjoy their experience with us.

Happy kids, stress free parents.

family friendly sunshine coast dentist

We want to see happy kids, and stress free mums and dads!


The aim is to create kids (and adults) who have no reason to be scared or anxious about the dentist, and for visits to be easy for parents.


We offer a free fun first visit for kids under 5, or who may have never visited the dentist before. We regularly have children begging mum or dad to bring them back!


We also provide a fully bulk billed service for children eligible for the government’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme, which gives your child access to $1095 dental coverage over 2 years.


To check your child’s eligibility, call Medicare or Kawana Dental – we would be happy to check for you. The benefit covers a wide range of dental procedures including examinations, x-rays, preventative treatment such as cleans, fluoride treatment and fissure seals, as well as fillings and extractions if needed!


Prevention! FOR FREE!


We’d love if it your kids didn’t ever get holes in their teeth (totally achievable!) We can show you the simple ways to avoid them. (Tip no. 1 – avoid juice, biscuits and processed crackers i.e. Jatz and Shapes)


The link below is an excellent resource for parents to watch. It features the awesome Dr Karl Kruszelnicki giving some more info about Protecting Tiny Teeth!