Meet Our Team

We are a 35 year family-owned and run expert team of Sunshine Coast dentists, hygienists, OHT’s and nurses, providing a compassionate professional environment for all ages ( and fear levels!).
We don’t need a lengthy sales pitch or marketing strategy, we really are just good people who want to do good for our community and create happy, comfortable patients.
Sunshine Coast Dentist Dr Michael Maltby

Dr Michael Maltby


Michael started Kawana Dental in 1987. He spent 30 years building up what is now one of the largest and most well-regarded dental practices on the Sunshine Coast.



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Dr Mark Maltby


Hi, I’m Mark. I was lucky enough to grow up on the Sunshine Coast and have been around dentistry my whole life – my father and auntie are both dentists. I feel very privileged to carry on the family practice, started 30 years ago by my father Michael.



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Dr Tamara Warren


Tamara trained at the University of Queensland, graduating with First Class Honours in 2001, when she joined the Kawana Dental team. She took a further training sabbatical period of 3 years teaching at Sydney University before the Sunshine Coast called her home again.



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Dr Dan Eastcott


Hi, My name’s Dan (Daniel when I’m in trouble). I have lived on the Sunshine Coast since early 2007. I grew up and trained in New Zealand (I graduated from the University of Otago in 2005).



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Dr Murray Hayes


Other than being a devoted Dad…. Murray graduated from the University of Sydney in 1989. He then joined the Army where he spent 7 years looking after the dental health of our soldiers.



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Dr Martha Ponce


Martha graduated from Valle University (Colombia) in 1995. She worked in Brisbane for 7 years before moving to the Sunshine Coast with her family in 2012, and has been working at Kawana Dental ever since.



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Dr Tim Chin


Hello I’m Tim and I have been a part of the Kawana Dental team since 2008. I grew up in Perth and completed my Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours at the University of Western Australia.



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Dr Aninda Dey


Hi! I’m Aninda and I qualified as a dentist in 1995. I loved every aspect of general dentistry once I started working as a general dentist but wanted to learn more about straightening crowded and protruding teeth, so I moved to Europe for several years to study a Masters degree in Orthodontics in 2000.



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Dr Trish Morrison


Hi, I’m Trish and I have been working at Kawana Dental since 2017.  I completed my undergraduate Dental studies at Griffith University University in 2008 with an award for academic excellence. I have completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Prosthodontics through Kings College London and am about to commence a Masters program in Implant Dentistry.



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Dr Leanne Paterson


Leanne grew up close to the city of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with Honours, from the University of Glasgow.



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Sunshine Coast Dentist Leanne Patterson

Dr Nancy Henein


Hi, I’m Nancy and I love working as a dentist. I find great satisfaction in helping people and doing my job with excellence. I am determined to change the overall dental experience from typical dread to one of comfort and dare I say it, even enjoyment.


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Alex Harding


Hi, I’m Alex! I’m an Oral Health Therapist and I recently joined the Kawana Dental team in January 2024. I completed my studies at La Trobe University in Victoria, with dual qualifications in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy with adult scope.



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Becca Langtry


Hi, I’m Becca and I am a Dental Therapist at Kawana Dental. I was born in New Zealand where I completed my degree, before moving to Melbourne in 2012.



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Jorge Moreno


Jorge is the most fun loving hygienist who, if you are lucky… or not… will start singing and dancing the salsa while your teeth are being bedazzled.



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Sunshine Coast Dentist Jorge

Mala Malohtra


Hi, I’m Mala, I graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2011, having completed my Bachelor of Health Science in Oral Health. I started working at Kawana dental in 2020 and have loved coming to work every day here.



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Po-Ya Wu


Hi, I’m Po-Ya. I graduated from Bachelor of Dental Hygiene on the Gold Coast from Griffith University. I have had my fair share of uncomfortable dental experiences, so it is my goal to make all my patients feel as comfortable as possible during their appointments.



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