How much does teeth whitening cost?

Teeth whitening is a very popular option, especially if you have a special event coming up and want to look your best or if you feel that your teeth need some care. Over time, teeth naturally become stained and discoloured from smoke (if you’re a smoker), certain drinks and even different types of food.


If you’re looking for a brighter, whiter smile, you probably most interested in how it works and how much it costs. At Kawana Dental, we offer two different options for teeth whitening – a take-home kit for home application, or “Zoom” in-office teeth whitening. As they both work differently, there is a different cost schedule for each. The best choice will depend on a number of factors including your timeline, how sensitive your teeth are, and what your budget is.


Take-Home Kits


A take-home teeth whitening kit is $450.

This includes custom-made trays that fit your teeth perfectly and will protect your gums, a protective case for your trays, and enough bleach product for at least two weeks of application, likely more.

The bleaching product is either a 6% hydrogen peroxide or a 17% carbamide peroxide gel. Both are about equally effective, but do work a little differently, so we can discuss the differences with you when you come in. Both are stronger products than are available to purchase over the counter in gel, strip or toothpaste forms.

At-home whitening is a simple process that offers a more affordable option but still produces real results.


“Zoom” In-Office Teeth Whitening


“Zoom” in-office teeth whitening costs $850.

This method utilises strong bleach gel, plus an LED light activator that accelerates the action of the whitening.

Included in the treatment is 3x20min bleaching sessions done within a single appointment. Also included in the price are custom trays to take home (same as the take-home kit). This allows patients to “top up” at home every few months if desired.

With “Zoom” whitening we generally take before and after photos so that patients can see the immediate difference. Whitening results are achieved in a single appointment, as opposed to the take-home kit which happens gradually over a few weeks.

This is an easy, convenient procedure that achieves quick results, but is a bit more expensive than the take-home option.



Both methods of teeth whitening are generally effective in producing impressive, noticeable results. We’re available to chat through the two options so that you have a clear understanding of how they work, and which would be the best option for you.