Why are my teeth sensitive?

 Cold sensitivity can be caused by a few different reasons, and it’s hard to tell exactly without taking a look at your teeth. Cold sensitivity could be to do with:

  • a hole (decay) developing
  • a crack in a tooth (often also get pain on biting hard things)
  • acid erosion (lemon water, apple cider vinegar, juices, soft drinks) or possibly from gastric reflux
  • gum recession, leading to exposed tooth root surfaces
  • toothbrush abrasion (brushing too hard!)
  • using bleaching/whitening products

Some of these are easy fixes, only requiring you to modify something you are doing – perhaps your brushing technique, or stopping a habit like frequently sipping on lemon water or Gatorade, or even switching toothpaste. Some might need some treatment.

In general, the earlier you can get on to the cause, the more easily we will be able to fix the problem.