What is a hygienist? What’s the difference between seeing the dentist and seeing the hygienist?

The main role and focus for hygienists is PREVENTION – preventing tooth decay and gum disease, so you don’t need to have treatment done by the dentist! A lot of their time is spent in “smile maintenance” – cleaning your teeth and gums and showing you how to do the same.

Hygienists also treat gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) and help dentists with other tasks such as orthodontics (braces and Invisalign), bleaching and taking impressions for mouthguards and retainers.

We often book a joint appointment with a dentist for your checkup, and link it to a hygiene visit for the best possible preventative care.

We have two amazing hygienists – Fiona and Jorge – who are both very gentle, thorough, and will make your smile sparkle.

Fiona has been with us for many years and has built a following of extremely loyal patients. She takes huge pride in her extra gentle ways and making nervous patients super comfortable at the dentist.

You can usually hear Jorge a mile away – singing Latin music, dancing salsa, and doing magic tricks to entertain both kids and adults. You won’t stop laughing.