What happens at a child’s first visit?

Your child will have a ride in the chair, count teeth, get a balloon and a prize for being a great helper, and generally have an awesome time!

We can show you how brushing the gums and teeth can best be done (there is a trick to getting toothbrushing co-operation) and discuss the secrets of having a decay free diet without taking away the fun foods in life. We can also look at your child’s jaw and facial/dental development and discuss any potential orthodontic issues, thumb sucking, nose breathing, breastfeeding, etc. Come loaded with your questions, we’d be happy to answer them!

Our priority is prevention of problems – prevention is always better than cure.

Our aim is to create kids who look forward to coming to the dentist, which takes the stress out of it for you mums and dads.  We aim to be the Sunshine Coast’s best children’s dentist.