How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign (clear aligner) treatment fees are mostly dependent on the complexity and length of the case.
We provide free consultation appointments to give you an idea of your options.

The below fees are a guide. A more exact and individualised quote can be provided to you during or after your consultation.

Complexity                    Fee
Minor Relapse                $2500
Mild to Moderate           $5500
Moderate to Complex   $7500
Highly complex              $8000+

Most people who have not had orthodontic treatment in the past, or who have relapsed significantly since teen or childhood treatment, fall in to a moderately complex category.

Highly complex cases may involve lengthy treatment times, extractions or auxiliary treatments.

All fees include consultation, treatment planning, radiographic and photographic records, 3D scans, and all required Invisalign related appointments during and after treatment.
Also included are three sets of identical upper and lower retainers (worn after treatment to hold your teeth in position).

Fees do not include regular dental visits (examinations, cleans, fillings, etc) or any potential extractions required for complex Invisalign.