How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

This is a schedule of the costs that you can expect to incur for wisdom teeth removal. The actual costs depend on a number of factors and thus will vary from person to person.


General Costs of Wisdom Teeth Removal


  • Initial consultation and OPG (X-ray) – $160
  • If 3D CBCT scans are required (not always required) – $130
  • Extractions, depending on the complexity – between $200 and $400 each
  • IV twilight sedation provided by a fully qualified procedural sedationist, depending on the time required – between $300 – $700


What factors impact the cost of removal?

The cost of removing wisdom teeth takes several factors into consideration including the stage of development of the tooth, its position, and the degree of impaction (soft tissue impaction, partial bony impaction and full impaction).


Soft Tissue Impaction

When wisdom teeth that are surrounded by soft gum tissue.


Partial Hard Tissue Impaction

This means that at least part of the top or “coronal” portion of the tooth lies within the jawbone. The complexity of this work will mean that the costs of removal are higher.


Complete Impaction

A full-bony impaction, also called a complete impaction, is where the wisdom tooth is entirely encased by bone tissue. Wisdom teeth that are full impacted require a complex extraction. In most cases the tooth is divided in to multiple parts to make the extraction less traumatic.


Wisdom Teeth Removal at Kawana Dental

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