Fluorosis and Microabrasion

Dental fluorosis is seen as small white flecks in the surface enamel of teeth. In minor cases it is usually not visible to patients but in more advanced cases it appears as large white patches or occasional pits in the tooth surface. After some years, stains may penetrate the white patches and they can appear brown.

Receiving excess doses of fluoride during the formation of teeth causes fluorosis. This can occur by eating or swallowing excessive amounts of toothpaste or exceeding the dose when taking fluoride tablets. It can also occur where there is excess fluoride in natural water supplies or a combination of all three. In extreme or severe cases of fluorosis the teeth are unsightly and may need treatment to improve their appearance.

Water fluoridation alone does not cause fluorosis but it can happen in combination with other sources of fluoride.


In most cases of fluorosis accompanied by staining, enamel microabrasion is the preferred method of enamel treatment before application of tooth Mousse and or whitening.

Our Hygienists can guide you to what is the best choice for your teeth.

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