Does a root canal hurt?

You’ve probably heard people say “I’d rather have a root canal!” Root canal treatment is commonly associated with pain. However, this is only because by the time you require root canal treatment, your tooth is often already hurting.

For people who have not undergone a root canal treatment before, there is an assumption that root canal treatment is a painful procedure, both during and afterwards. In fact, the pain and discomfort that is experienced in the period leading up to a root canal treatment is generally much more significant than any pain associated with the procedure itself, which should not be particularly uncomfortable.


During a Root Canal Treatment


The development of modern technology and techniques has assisted dentists and endodontists to make the root canal process quick, safe, and the best way to save a natural tooth. Coupled with the use of effective anaesthetics, the process is almost entirely pain-free.

A root canal treats the diseased tissue (the pulp) while preserving the tooth. Before the procedure begins, the patient will be given an anaesthetic making a root canal no more painful than a regular dental filling.

It is rare to experience any significant problems with pain during the procedure. If for any reason the procedure is uncomfortable, we would never continue until this situation has been managed.

Our dentists, and our specialist endodontist Dr Patrick Caldwell, are highly versed on managing any issues with pain to make the procedure as comfortable and safe as possible.


After a Root Canal Treatment

There may be some discomfort immediately after a root canal treatment, but excessive pain is not normal. Most people report that the tooth and the area surrounding the tooth feels a little sensitive or tender for a few days after the procedure.

Even though the pulp has been removed along with it the nerve root, there are still small nerves in the tissue and ligaments that surround the tooth. The procedure may cause some inflammation as these nerve endings register discomfort but is a normal part of the healing process.

In almost all cases the discomfort disappears within a couple of days. If the pain is not getting better and cannot be controlled with home measures, like over the counter pain relief, please call us.

At Kawana Dental we specialise in root canal treatment on the Sunshine Coast. Our specialist endodontist Pat Caldwell is highly regarded nationally and internationally for his specialist skills.

Please get in touch for a personalised root canal assessment. Have peace of mind that comes from trusting a skilled dental specialist for your root canal procedure.