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High Tech Office

Dentistry today has the most sophisticated, high-tech equipment ever available, allowing us to treat and diagnose with remarkable precision. Such technology also vastly reduces, and in some cases eliminates, much of the pain and discomfort for you.

Some of the more exciting advances coming out in dental research include new genetic therapies, tissue repair methods and improved materials that are biocompatible and can actually help “rebuild” tooth structure

Here’s a look at some of the newer technologies we offer:

Digital imaging and radiography

  • Like traditional X-rays, digital radiography allows your dentist to easily spot decay between the teeth or bone or nerve problems. The difference with digital is the almost neglible radiation dose and the ability to modify the instant images for better diagnosis. We have a tiny sensors for inside the mouth as well as a single “full mouth” or head shot for excellent diagnosis.
  • One of the most useful views comes from our digital OPG (orthopantomogram). This gives a fantastic overview of your mouth, both jaws and teeth as well as important information about the state of your bone (measure of periodontal disease), joints and hidden pathologies that may not be shown with the small digital X-rays that we use to detect decay between teeth. This fantastic information comes with an insignificant X-ray dose. You would have to take over 100 OPGs to get the same x-ray dose as a flight from Brisbane to Sydney.
  • CBVT or Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography is a 3D scan of the face, jaw or a few teeth, that we are now able to offer within our practice. This amazing technology gives far more information than dentistry has previously been able to acquire with conventional 2D xrays. These scans are revolutionary, providing valuable previously impossible to obtain data for best diagnosis. They are expensive and usually used for more complex problems. At the same time, 3D scans are fast becoming the standard for endodontic or “root canal ” treatment. Being able to look at the path of the “nerves” or pulp going through individual roots is a truly fantastic tool.

3Shape Trios Intraoral scanner

  • Our optical scanner takes a scan of your teeth and builds a virtual model of your mouth in real time on the computer. This can then be used to plan treatments like Invisalign, be sent to our ceramist to fabricate crown and bridgework, and used in the planning of implant placement. This often takes the place of the traditional goopy impressions you may have had in the past.

Air abrasion

  • As an alternative to the “drill”, this technology uses powerful jets of particles of aluminum oxide or other inert particles to remove debris and decay. The most exciting thing for patients is that air abrasion is quiet and in most cases completely painless.


  • Lasers may one day replace drills, with more precision and less pain. Currently they are still not as effective in removing decay but have excellent applications in teeth whitening, sterilization and gum contouring. One of our lasers is also used in decay diagnosis.

Tooth Mousse

  • Tooth Mousse is a product developed at Melbourne University derived from non-allergenic milk proteins to provide bio compatible calcium and phosphorous to help re-build teeth. Where appropriate, we can prescribe “mousse” as it unfortunately is not yet available at pharmacies. Recaldent is the chewing gum version of Tooth Mousse.


Implants to replace missing teeth are a superb alternative to bridges or even dentures. Mini-implants now greatly enhance the results for orthodontic treatment .

  • We have lots of other “toys” like Apex locators, Ultrasonic cleaning and Air powder polishing tools, Diagnodent, Rotary Nickel Titanium instrumentarium etc but these seriously are only interesting to other dentists…

Digital Panoramic Leading-edge Technology, Cone Beam, 3D

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