At Kawana Dental we have been using white/tooth coloured fillings in both front and back teeth since 1987.

Small to medium fillings or restorations done skillfully with reinforced composite resin provide excellent service. We aren’t going to be humble here…..we are very good at it.

We generally don’t advocate removal of amalgam fillings for health reasons, unless there are chronic health conditions with specific indications. Frankly, we think it is unethical to scare everyone into removal of their amalgams for their health. (If we did follow that long discredited urban myth, we’d have a line of patients from here to Brisbane).

However, we can, and do remove aged or corroded or unsightly amalgam as appropriate, using sophisticated technologies. There are many techniques, both bizarre and sensible….we’ve researched them all. Generally we use HVE high volume suction and rubber dam as each situation dictates.

Large amalgams or teeth that are mainly “filling’ may need strong replacements such as onlays or crowns, particularly if you are getting to that “50,000 km service” age range, when teeth are more brittle and likely to fracture in unrestorable ways. Fillings are comfortably able to replace parts of a tooth that have decayed, but once that area becomes more than about half of the tooth, it becomes much more predictable to look at crowns or onlays to rebuild a tooth to function.

Crowns and onlays are unfortunately more expensive, but will keep a broken down tooth strong and chewing comfortably for many more years.

Sometimes decay or “holes” in teeth are hidden and may only be able to be seen with an x-ray, or by detecting some discolouration under the tooth’s surface, such as the image below.

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